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Chocolate-skinned elfin Modernist/Pop culture polyculturalist/film school deviant. I aim for bliss. Simple, sloppy bliss.

I like surreal art, 60s & 70s Japanese Sci-Fi movies & TV, Northern Soul, Mod culture, Ivy League style, Surf Rock, Funk music and a sheer bouillabaisse of strange, vibrant things


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Sag Warfare - Don’t Be So Jive

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TV Magazine October 1976


TV Magazine October 1976


Different signatures from Wondercon

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What does kindness get you? This.


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Your experiences today will influence the molecular composition of your body for the next two to three months, or perhaps for the rest of your life. Plan your day accordingly.

UCLA’s Steve Cole from The Social Life of Genes.

Your DNA is not a blueprint. Day by day, week by week, your genes are in a conversation with your surroundings. Your neighbors, your family, your feelings of loneliness: They don’t just get under your skin, they get into the control rooms of your cells.

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All the more reason to surround yourself with people who you enjoy 

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Pharrell "New Black" ↘


We shouldn’t ignore racism & act like it doesn’t exist. Just feel like Pharrell saying we have to evolve beyond. Even though racism clearly does limit opportunities for blacks & various other minorities. We shouldn’t blame it, but find a way to conquer it. To be stuck in the blame phase is to…

It’s painfully easy to take what he said at face value because, yes, institutionalized racism IS a constant and we should never undermine our own established racial identities in order to see change. But for me, Pharrell’s words hit differently when I first heard them. It’s didn’t feel like ‘dump your coloredness and join with the white folk’, it felt more along the lines of ‘there’s a vibrational problem within all of us that causes the frequency of our troubles and only unconditional love on the inside, not conquering the demons we see on the outside, will solve it’.

Even if we did succeed in wiping out the ‘White Devil’ once and for all through efforted physical action, we probably wouldn’t savor it as much as we say we would because there would still be universal issues that would still reign as splinters in our minds (sexism, homophobia, et. al.) and even then, we would still convince ourselves that we must struggle through the mud in order to see it eliminated. A utopia can’t be built from the outside if we can’t build one from within.

Fighting the physical is just useless in this case, because as long as we have that ‘blood, sweat and tears are the answer’ mindset, another great socio-political crime is going to eat us up from within.

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You are not afraid.
You are a cathedral waiting to be filled with hymns;
you are an infinite playground;
you are sky-bound and sprinting,
so cover your heart in goose-bump armor.
It will only beat stronger,
beat louder.

— From “Perfectly Human” by Miles Walser.  (via mirroir)

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Le Corbisseur et Papin

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