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Chocolate-skinned elfin Modernist/Pop culture polyculturalist/film school deviant. I aim for bliss. Simple, sloppy bliss.

I like surreal art, 60s & 70s Japanese Sci-Fi movies & TV, Northern Soul, Mod culture, Ivy League style, Surf Rock, Funk music and a sheer bouillabaisse of strange, vibrant things


I’m getting better with this every day!


I’m getting better with this every day!


A taxicab prowls through the abandoned streets of NYC’s SoHo.

1960s © Steve Baldwin


A taxicab prowls through the abandoned streets of NYC’s SoHo.
1960s © Steve Baldwin


The universe does not care what you choose, because it fully supports any choice that you make, whether the choice feels positive or negative to you. You can choose to feel confined by your thoughts or you can choose to focus your thoughts on what makes you feel free. The universe will bring you more of whatever you’re focused on. This is unconditional love.

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Many people are wanting to fan your flames of discomfort, because they believe that “you’re either with us or against us; if you don’t stand in the same disgust and horror that we are all standing, then you are not with us.” It’s hard for people to understand that you can not agree with them — and not be against them. That you could be for something without being against something else.

— Excerpted from the workshop: Orlando, FL on December 15, 2001 (via secretsky88)

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Before dipping by Mariano Peccinetti Collage Art on Flickr.


Artist : Made In Taiwan 
Song : Tokyo 
Album : Plastic Lights - EP [2014]

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You want to be in love with the step 1 moments, and you want to appreciate the Source who is always in a powerful way doing the step 2 moments. You want to appreciate your past, and you want to look forward to your future. But mostly, you want to SAVOR your NOW. You want to be SAVOR-ers.

Do you ever put something in your mouth that just tastes really good, and do you just swallow it as fast as you can? Or do you SAVOR it, do you try to make it last? Do you try to mentally describe it and understand what it is about it that you like so MUCH? WHY is this so pleasing to me?

As you take more of those savoring moments - WHY IS THIS SO PLEASING TO ME - and you do your best to describe it, then you just - layin’ these new pipes and hookin’ up to that new energy and opening new doors and becoming more alive and feeling the power of who you really are, and rendezvousing with new, constantly rendezvousing with new…

…as you become professional, predominant savor-ers when you’re on the High Disk, and distracters when you’re on a less than High Disk, everything will work out really, really well.

— North Los Angeles, CA, 7/13/13 via Abe quotes (via secretsky88)

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Let’s say you’re moving at a certain rate of speed and resistance enters into the equation. Speeding up is not the answer.

— Abraham-Hicks Boston 10/5/13 (via secretsky88)

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"Uncle Grandpa is scary" I know I know I know

And that’s the power of art!

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Etsuko Shihomi (aka “our girl”)

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